The Marketplace is a MESS

Let me try to explain why I think the Marketplace is a mess. We had Marketplace coverage last year and our plan was discontinued so we applied for a new plan. We applied and paid for our plan by the December 15 deadline last year. We thought we were all on a similar Highmark plan that we had been on.

In January my 2 year old daughter dislocated her elbow. The doctor’s office told us she didn’t have coverage. This is when the mess began.

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How to use Excel to sort address list by West, Midwest, South, Northeast region

I needed to be able to sort a very large customer address list and divide it by region.  I scoured the internet and didn’t find a good way to do this or even any Microsoft Excel examples of how to use Excel to sort an address list by West, Midwest, South, Northeast region.  As such, I wrote my own function and thought I would share it in case you needed to do this.  It may be helpful to divide an address list by sales rep or territory.

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On Transitioning

When I took the part time IT Manager position at church, I had 22 clients that year and was able to scale my client work back to just 5 clients. The church offered a pay rate that was much less than I was charging my clients, but my hope was that the average rate would equal out since I wasn’t spending as much time looking for work, doing quotes, or sending invoices. The church paycheck was also the first dependable recurring paycheck we had, so it was nice to have a baseline income.

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2015 in Review

I debated even writing a 2015 year in review because I’m ending the year tired and in a bit of funk.  Still, reading last year’s review, I realized what a good exercise it is to keep track of your time and priorities, so these reports are necessary.

2015 was very similar to 2014.  We matched 2014 in finances and total hours, almost exactly, despite spending half of my time working at the church.  Again with the late nights though.

Some interesting stats from the year:

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