A New Year

Welcome to 2021 or Q1. Last year was turbulent, but each January 1st we welcome a reset, full of resolutions and new opportunity. In business Q1 is no different. All the effort of end of year planning goes into effect.

At StepWise, specifically the tech side over which I reside, we have an ambitious roadmap of software rollouts and feature improvements. We are investing heavily in our digital work distribution platform called Nikko Workx, focusing on client and agent success. I am excited about the synergies this effort will produce and the broader impact we can make with “just code”.

On a personal note, I started drawing again during quarantine. I had doodled with my children, but this was the first time in 20 years that I sat at my desk to seriously draw.

I am eager to begin selling shirts. I have a few pieces ready and the net proceeds from the sale of each item will support two good causes. Our family will be going to Kenya for the first time this year so half will go to the travel fund. The remaining half will serve as a fundraiser to support friends doing mission work.

I wish anyone reading this a health and prosperous new year.

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