joshua-c-smith-webMy name is Josh Smith and I am a web designer/developer and business guy. I was born and raised in Kenya, East Africa. There, Fundi (pronounced “foon-di”) means craftsman or artisan, and is usually used to describe a skilled technician, carpenter or mechanic. I work with pixels, so I am PixelFundi.

I was the owner/operator of a small web design company in Central PA. I am now focusing my web and business development experience on starting a new organization called The Final Step, creating jobs for people with physical disabilities in the Majority World.  This new business is another project by the founders of Cure International, who always planned to follow the hospitals with education and employment opportunities for the thousands of kids who received life saving and life changing surgeries.

We are just getting started, so please connect if you’d like to learn more or to help out.