Because Reasons

The expression “because reasons” is an internet phrase used in place of actual reasons, often when a question is too complex to give a simple answer or the answer should be obvious. So, I love what I do, because reasons.

The mission is to provide gainful employment for people with physical disabilities in East Africa and the vision is to provide 2,000 jobs in the next five years. I’ve spent a year getting started, finding a small team, and preparing them to start our first big client project this week.

At times the task seems daunting and discussing it is often met with doubt and blank stares. I feel the burden of the responsibility constantly and sometimes self-doubt creeps in as I tackle a growing list of challenges. Despite all of that, I love what I do.

  • First, I love the team, their smiles, hard work, energy, eagerness, and optimism.
  • I love that the competition doesn’t matter. I’m glad there are others ahead of us trying to help end poverty by providing jobs; the need is great and they help me raise the bar.
  • I love the chance to innovate. I realize innovation takes time, but it’s worth it.
  • I enjoy a good challenge and this is full of ’em.
  • I feel like all my experiences have been in preparation for this “job”.
  • The team is already able to help support others, like paying sibling school fees or organizing trips to take food and games to schools to encourage younger children with physical disabilities.
  • I am excited by the many others doing remarkable things and I wish I could know and connect them all to increase the impact. I’m starting a network for social impact founders, stay tuned.
  • This business combines so many of my interests, talents, and passions.

I love what I do because reasons, too many meaningful reasons to give a simple answer and yet also wholly obvious.

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