Marketing is everything

I helped organize a Shooting4Peace celebrity basketball game in Harrisburg, where former NBA players play local teams to try to help build safe, strong communities. I had the privilege driving one of the NBA players to the airport at 2AM. I was told “He’s the best, super fun, and he’ll love what you’re doing. Take your kids.”

We chatted and he answered my questions, but we rode in silence for much of the hour ride.

I had hoped to talk about The Final Step, but he never asked me a question. It was, after all, 2AM and he was tired, still icing his knees 5 hours after the game. He is also on mission and busy building his own organization, but I expected the usual pleasantries and conversation.

As soon as he closed the car door I thought “marketing is everything”. I was still glad to serve and wasn’t upset that he didn’t ask, just disappointed I didn’t bring it up. I could have promoted the work we’re doing, but I hesitated. He was tired, I didn’t want to bother him, and he didn’t ask. Still, I left feeling like I wasted what could have been a good opportunity.

Marketing is everything. Being prepared and having a plan, or worse having a hope, is not enough. Sometimes you must look past your hesitations and promote yourself.

The Final Step is just getting started and we don’t have much to show yet, but we have a website and I just interviewed a developer and a manager who are both eager to start. With those two positions filled we can start securing work and finding workers. All the preparations and planning will go into effect and I can start marketing and using every opportunity to share our mission; creating jobs for people with physical disabilities in the Majority World.

Head over to to learn more or to get involved.

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