I was able to visit the Final Step team in the middle of July. A few days spent with the team is never enough, but I was glad for the opportunity to spend some time with them and to meet the new team members. The trip was also important because the founders visited for the first time.

It was a great trip and I was proud to show off the team to the founders and their guests. Scott and Sally devoted themselves to creating Cure and providing life saving and life changing surgeries, so it was especially nice for them to meet and engage with a few of those changed lives.

The trip also had nice timing as the team had just finished their largest client project and had really performed very well.  This visit and their recent performance reviews validated our proof of concept and cemented my commitment to the mission of creating jobs for people with physical challenges.

I’m late with this update because August was spent working hard on growth strategies, refining the business plan, and developing hiring and marketing strategies. We must scale to succeed and now the hard work starts, connecting with businesses that can benefit from our data entry services.

For those of you just learning about The Final Step, we offer data entry services, including: routine data processing, machine learning, social media or comment moderation, transcription services, OCR text review, archival digitization, and text-from-image processing. Our services help clients accomplish their business goals, providing significant cost savings, while creating jobs for marginalized communities to help them alleviate poverty.

When plotting an ambitious course and considering the challenges ahead, it’s easy to doubt. I’ve even been told repeatedly that this wont work, but I know and trust it will. So, it’s important to reflect on how far you’ve come, to celebrate the milestones. We have doubled the size of our team, celebrated the one year anniversary of their start, endured a few unexpected challenges, and enjoyed great performance reviews for their work. The scope of this undertaking makes me weary, but the promise of God to accomplish what He begins sustains me.


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