Next Chapter

I have resigned from my role as Chief Technology Officer at StepWise.

It is difficult as a co-founder to step away, but I felt it was necessary in order start the next chapter. StepWise was started to create employment for people with disabilities in Kenya. We were able to create employment for hundreds of people, many of whom have disabilities.

I was invited to join a volunteer team of professionals working to solve another big problem; millions of people need a wheelchair and can not afford one. There is also an urgent global need for intermediate pediatric chairs that can be appropriately provisioned for children with Cerebral Palsy, the most common childhood disability. The Catalyst team is composed of researchers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses, pastors, and business operators. Our goal is to support and equip Mission Hospitals to provide optimal whole-person care for those with disabilities. This will include reliable access to training, resources, and appropriate assistive technology devices, like wheelchairs. I joined to consult on the international business operations aspects and quickly realized the need to focus on solving the manufacturing and funding challenges.

I started Invigorate Inc., a non-profit organization, to provide an operating entity for the group and to focus on the business and manufacturing layer. Half the price of a wheelchair is manufacturing expense, so Invigorate will focus on generating commercial revenues to help subsidize the cost of the wheelchairs. Invigorate will also raise charitable funds that will be applied toward material costs directly.

Every wheelchair will transform every life. The chance to help provide many wheelchairs, and the chance to innovate to make that possible, is exciting. Sometimes you have to quit something you love to do something you need to do.

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