Find accidentally archived Gmail messages on Android

Last night I discovered that you can accidentally archive Gmail messages in the Android Gmail app by swiping the message to the side.  It happened when I was fumbling through client emails in the middle of the night and I happened to archive an important client message without reading it.

To find archived Gmail messages on Android do the following:

  • Click the “Inbox” menu (or whatever folder you are in from the menu at the top, marked with the arrow).
  • Choose “Show all labels”.
  • Click on “All Mail”.
  • Find the message, open it
  • Click the “label” icon at the bottom and choose the “Inbox” checkbox to move the message back to the main inbox.
  • If you remember something specific about the message, you can search for the message and Gmail will look in archived messages as well.  Once you find the message, follow the same steps to restore the archived email to the inbox.

It was a moment of panic when I realized that I’d archived the message, but I was able to find the message using these steps, following the sames steps used to recover archived mail from the Gmail website.


6 thoughts on “Find accidentally archived Gmail messages on Android”

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  2. Helpful…thanks.
    1 what is the symbol for a piece of archived mail in “all mail”?
    2 when can you move a set of checked inbox mail to another folder?

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