This is an old photo, from July 2018, with the core team that helped start it all. We have grown to over 100 employees with the acquisition of Daproim Africa, another impact sourcing company in Kenya with 12 years of experience in the business process outsourcing (BPO) space. I chose this picture because StepWise is still committed to creating jobs for people with physical disabilities.

Despite these unprecedented times, due to COVID-19, we are entering an exciting new chapter. We are hiring, growing, and investing in exciting new areas of focus.

  • We are investing in our people, with the rollout of the Skillset, Toolset, and Mindset programs to equip our teams with personal and professional growth opportunities through mentorship, continuing education, and paid volunteering.
  • We are investing in technology, building our NikkoWorkx digital work distribution platform, and entering industry partnerships to offer cutting-edge tools that will allow our engineers to focus on delivery and client success.
  • We are investing in education, developing e-learning and internship platforms to help equip and raise up the next generation of engineers and entrepreneurs in East Africa.

As Chief Technology Officer, I am responsible for all information technology, managing network infrastructures, software life cycle management, and technology innovation. We’re a data driven company, so I’m excited to be leading projects exploring new Artificial Intelligence (AI) opportunities, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and new technology.

I revamped the blog to begin documenting this next chapter, sharing updates, and blogging about these innovations. There may be some personal posts too.

Spoiler: using LiDAR and volumetric measurement to save lives.


For those of you just learning about StepWise, we offer data processing services, including: routine data processing, machine learning image labeling, data curation, video annotation, and text-from-image processing. Our services help clients accomplish their business goals, providing significant cost savings, while creating jobs for marginalized communities in East Africa.

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