The Next Step

I was the owner/operator of a small web design company in Central PA, but I am closing that to help start a new business. I am now focusing my web and business development experience on starting a new organization, dedicated to creating jobs for disabled people in East Africa. So, this new venture is the next step for  me, applying my experience and upbringing toward a great new cause.

This new business is another project by the founders of Cure International, who always planned to follow the hospitals with education and employment opportunities for the thousands of kids who received life saving and life changing surgeries. Cure has been a part of my story as well, since I ultimately met my wife because her father was the engineer building the first Cure hospital, twenty years ago.

Creating Jobs
We are working on a plan to create thousands of online jobs in the next five years. We will train and equip virtual workers and will pair them with online work. I will be traveling to Kenya in the next few weeks to make connections and hopefully find a few people to begin working with to test some of our ideas.

We are just getting started, so please connect if you’d like to learn more or to help out.

About the blog
I’ve removed all of my old content and posts. I apologize if you found this site from a link from old tech posts about Android and Gmail . I was still getting a lot of traffic to those pages and the internet marketer in me doesn’t want to lose the SEO value those links represent. Still, all new posts will chronicle this new organization and the lessons and adventures along the way. I decided to start fresh with the blog because I’d like to know all new visits represent interest in this next step.

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