Trip Review

Somehow it has already been more than a week since I returned from my trip to Kenya, where I was able to spend time training and assessing the team.  It was a really great trip and I really enjoyed my time there, bonding with the team and better understanding our capabilities. As I shared in the last post, they learned new computer skills well and were even able to correct me when I made a mistake.

It does feel like this weird second life, jetting off to Africa, having adventures while my family stays in the states. I wish I could work with them there longer, just to set the tone for the organization and to model good work ethic and hustle. Still, I know we have the right group of people there to move forward and they’ve already demonstrated initiative and hard work. They have met and exceeded my expectations.

The team recently completed an assessment survey for me, the results of which really validate why we are doing this. Our goal is to create jobs for people with disabilities who may otherwise have a hard time finding work. In the survey we asked what this job has meant to them and here are some of the responses:

I’m able to pay my brother’s and sister’s school fees and am even feeding the family. I thank God a lot.

I’m able to cater for my basic needs which I was not able to meet before.

I no longer depend on my mother, in fact I am helping her.

This excites me and I’m proud of each of them.

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