Updates at The Final Step

We are close to launching a pilot program in Naivasha, Kenya, where we will begin testing everything we’d like to accomplish with The Final Step.  The updates and details are as follows:

  • We will be bringing outsourcing opportunities to East Africa to create jobs.
  • We’ve put together a team of five people with disabilities that will begin work, performing a number of jobs in common outsourcing areas, for example, data entry work, image processing work, website support work, or similar typing work.
  • We will be performing business process outsourcing work for clients, but we are also producing some of the work ourselves; we’re building subscription software that will rely on the team to fulfill.
  • Travel to work can be difficult and many individuals don’t have adequate resources to work from home, so we are providing housing where the workers will come to stay and work during the week.
  • The apartments have been renovated and furniture is being moved in.
  • A group of at least 10 pastors just met at the apartments to pray for the property, workers, leadership, and The Final Step. One of those pastors will be oversee the property and team as it grows.
  • Through the pilot program we expect to learn how quickly we can scale a group of qualified workers who can live and work together as a team, performing a high value work for organizations and businesses in the USA.
  • If it works, we’ll add more workers at the current location and expect to open additional locations using the same model.
  • My family will remain in America, though I’ll travel from time to time.

Our goal is simple, we aim to create jobs for people with physical disabilities.  We know we have some challenges to overcome, but I’m already encouraged by the progress and I’m excited by the opportunity.

  • If you’ve read this far, please pray for Kenya as Tuesday, Aug 8, is election day.

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