We almost doubled in size in one week

It sounds like clickbait, but we really did almost double in size in one week. We had 7 team members and we were able to add 5 more this week. They are settled in and have started working, which is exciting.

Adding new team members is exciting for several reasons. It is an important milestone to see how everyone integrates and how quickly we can scale the team. It tests some of our processes and assumptions, and there are some ways we can improve next time, but I’m pleased with the progress. The team welcomed the new additions well, even sharing belongings, and they divided into new teams and handled the training themselves.

It’s also exciting because we provided more jobs.

I’m eager to meet everyone the next time in Kenya, but it’s good knowing I have a great team in place and I’m thankful for their efforts. I also look forward to doubling the size of the team again.

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  1. I am one of the new members who joined this week, am so greatful to join the team they are so loving, caring, understanding and so lively. I thank God, Josh and the team at large for this great oppotunity. May God bless you all. Thanks.

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